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What Is the Statement of Purpose for PhD?

statement of purpose for phdThe statement of purpose for a PhD program should discuss your purpose for applying to the PhD program and how it relates to your academic and professional goals. In some programs, PhD SoP may be considered the same as a PhD personal statement while in other programs the personal statement for master degree discusses your personal background which may or may not includes your academic and professional background.

The statement of purpose for a PhD program should do the following:

  • Convince the admissions committee that you have goals that can be met by the PhD program you are applying to
  • Show that you understand what PhD level research is in your field and what it involves
  • Show that you have the background to do good research and complete the PhD program successfully

These are the basic goals of the statement of purpose for PhD programs. You should check with individual programs to see if there are additional prompts they would like addressed in the statement or in a separate PhD admission essay.

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How Statement of Purpose for PhD Differs from Other Statements?

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How to write SoP for PhD? Writing the statement of purpose for PhD is not the same job as writing the SoP for Masters or graduation program. Following lines will definitely help us to understand the difference between PhD SoP and other SoPs:

  • The first difference is the length of the SoP. In case of graduation or Masters, the length of SoP should not be exceeded more than one page, but for PhD SoP this limitation is not valid. You can expand the SoP for PhD more than one page depends upon your academic experiences, professional achievements.
  • Explaining the reason for doing graduation or Master’s degree is not hard. Obviously, these degrees are compulsory for starting the career in any desired field. However, justifying the reason of getting admission in PhD is not easy. Show your deep interest in further research to validate your reason of writing SoP for PhD.
  • For writing SoP for Master’s program, counting the previous strengths is good enough, but for writing the PhD SoP, you must have to give a proper future plan after completion of PhD in concerned discipline.

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How to Write the PhD SoP Programs

phd sopWhile there may not be any specific way that a statement of purpose “must” be written, there is a generally accepted format that it would most likely be in your best interest to follow.

The suggested format is shown here:

  • Introduction – Introduces you and states the program to which you are applying. Discuss what you want to study and why, and how you became interested in the particular subject
  • Research experience or other relevant experience – This will be the longest part of your statement. Discuss your past experience and your research goals.
  • Current interests – Discuss why the PhD program is the next logical step for you and what you hope to accomplish in the program
  • Your fit with the program – What specifically attracted you to this particular program
  • Conclusion – Summarize your statement of purpose

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5 Main Do’s and Don’ts to Write in Statement of Purpose for PhD

  • Write an outline and 1st draft of PhD statement of purpose before writing the final SoP.
  • Remove all unnecessary and irrelevant information from the 1st draft of SoP right after critical reading of SoP.
  • Pay high focus on future planning to convince the admission committee that they are selecting a right candidate for PhD program.
  • Apply in as many institutes for getting admission in PhD program as you can
  • Hire the expertise of professional writing company to get a winning SoP for PhD.
  • Don’t copy any single sentence from a PhD SoP sample that is available at various online forums.
  • Don’t ignore maintaining the standard structure and format of SoP for PhD.
  • Don’t forget to highlight your research and professional interest especially while writing the SoP for PhD.
  • Don’t ignore to include the most relevant experiences and incidents that inspired you to do PhD.
  • Don’t overlook the mistakes by allowing friends to critically proofread your SoP.

Top 10 Winning Tips for PhD SoP Writing

Writing a good PhD admission essay means, you have secured your PhD seat in your dream institute. However, how to write a winning PhD application personal statement? Let’s find the answer to the question in the following lines:

  • Write an outline of SoP for PhD with division of paragraphs and headings of contents.
  • The 1st paragraph should not be longer than 5-6 lines.
  • Give a clear and logical reason of doing PhD in particular field.
  • Never try to prove you an extraordinary and amazing personality.
  • Choose very powerful and short words to explain your strengths.
  • Give a short description of previous academic and professional accomplishments.
  • Mention a clear future plan for completion of PhD
  • Don’t rely on only one university; prepare your PhD statement purpose with the aim of applying in other institutes as well.
  • Write all the content of your PhD statement of purpose in fully customized manner.
  • Read your PhD admission essay after completion very critically and take the opinion of other trustworthy people as well.

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