Writing an Argumentative Essay: 10 Easy Steps to Follow

Writing an argumentative essay is one of the most common assignments you will encounter in your school years. It tests your ability to pick a side during an argument and mount a compelling argument about the ideas. An argumentative essay will also test your ability to make a unique point.

Here are tips and steps to writing an argumentative essay.

1. Understand the basics of argumentative essay writing

Understand what an argumentative essay means. While is similar to many other academic papers, it has a unique texture that is achieved through the choice of words and adopting the right structure.

An argumentative essay requires you to investigate a topic. You must evaluate the evidence provided to convince the reader to take your side. A few samples and examples will give you a better idea of what argumentative writing means.

2. Revisit the argumentative essay writing prompts provided

Argumentative essay writing prompts define the uniqueness of each paper. The prompts come from your tutor. They guide you on the topic, structure, and submission deadline, among other aspects. Understand the prompt before you can begin writing your paper. It ensures that you adhere to the expectations of the prompt.

3. Choose a compelling argumentative essay writing topic

The topic will define the direction you take when writing your paper. Choose a compelling topic that arouses curiosity in your work. The topic will make writing argumentative essay interesting or difficult. Choose a topic that you understand and are passionate about. It must also be within your scope of study.

4. Get help writing an argumentative essay

There are numerous writers online ready to help writing an argumentative essay. They are professionals working as freelancers or under writing services. Check reviews and scrutinize the profile of the helper you intend to engage with your paper. It helps you to produce the best paper. Such due diligence also helps you to avoid online scams.

5. Collect all the materials you need for writing an argumentative essay

Argumentative essay writing requires credible supporting ideas. Every assertion you make must be supported by facts from credible writing materials. Get quality articles from the library to support your ideas. Cite the sources accurately for easier follow up of the ideas.

6. Choose the right time to write your essay

Writing an argumentative essay is a mentally and physically demanding endeavor. It will strain your body as you sit for long hours researching or drafting the paper. Mentally, you must be relaxed enough to produce compelling ideas. Fatigue will result in poor arguments and grades.

7. Select the perfect place for writing an argumentative essay

Choose a quiet and comfortable place to write your essay. Avoid all distractions like music, unwelcome chats, and messenger or social media notifications. Invest in ergonomic furniture that allows you to sit through the assignment for prolonged hours.

The space should also be warm and adequately lit. The desk must provide enough space to accommodate your books and any other gadget you may need to complete the essay. With a comfortable space, you will write faster and produce compelling ideas.

8. Pay more attention when writing an introduction to an argumentative essay

The introduction defines the taste of your paper. Writing an introduction to an argumentative essay requires as much time and attention as any other part of your paper. Use statistics to capture the attention of the reader. You may also tell a story or quote a distinguished scholar or authority on the subject.

9. Develop an outline

An outline helps you to organize ideas logically. You choose the strongest points to open your argument. It ensures that your paper makes sense to the reader. You will also avoid repeating points that you have already argued or skipping others.

10. Draft your argumentative essay

Set aside enough time to draft your paper. Begin working on the paper as early as possible. It gives you ample time to evaluate the points supporting your argument. It also allows you to beat the deadline without pressure.

You will write several argumentative essays by the time you graduate. Master the tips to make it easier and faster to complete the essays. It will also help you to deliver a more compelling paper each time you have an assignment.

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