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No one can deny from the importance of statement of purpose or personal statement, when applying for medical school. The med school statement of purpose will show the admission committee your personality and how you are different from the other applicants of the same qualification. In medical school statement of purpose, you are not supposed to tell about the academic records, as they are already mentioned in your CV. You have to express the motivation to become a doctor. It gives you an opportunity to show your personal traits and also express your writing abilities as well. Statement of purpose medical school can play a key role in your admission.

Who need to write it? The simple answer is everyone. Yes, no matter in which medical school you are applying you need to write statement of purpose for medical school. It is a necessary part of your application along with the other documents.

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The Most Important Part of Your Application

medical school statement of purposeYour personal statement for medical school is the most important part of your application where you have a free hand to tell the committee reviewing your application exactly who you are. It is your chance to sell yourself and to make yourself stand out from the many other applicants all after one of those limited places.

A well written medical school statement of purpose can be the one thing that swings the decision in your favor, after all, most of the other applicants are going to have very similar grades and other qualifications to you so the SoP is really the only chance you have to differentiate yourself.

Main Difficulties Writing Med School Statement of Purpose

Med school statement of purpose is not an easy document to write. It seems easy, but actually it’s not. Here are some difficulties which students usually face:

  • Content: Students have no idea that what should be the content. It is the place to express yourself and your love for the medical career. So, the content should be focused on these points.
  • Formatting: Usually no formatting guidelines are given, follow general rules for formatting your medical school statement of purpose. But keep in mind that, it’s a formal document, don’t add colored fonts and other things which give it informal look.
  • Length: The medical school gives the word limit, which must be followed.

5 Great Steps for Med School Statement of Purpose Writing

  • Before you start writing your statement of purpose medical school, make an outline. It will help you to focus on important points.
  • Start with an interesting incident or an inspirational story, which forced you to adopt medicine as career.
  • Be coherent in your writing and divide the content in 3-4 paragraphs.
  • Ending of the personal statement should also be very interesting

Edit and proofread your personal statement for medical school, before you finalize it for submission.

What Should the Medical School Statement of Purpose Cover?

statement of purpose medical schoolYour statement of purpose medical school needs to be able to convince the reader that you really belong there in their medical school. To do this you need to cover all of the following areas:

  • Show why you have a real interest in studying medicine
  • Show that you have a clear idea as to where your career is headed and why you need to study
  • Show specific reasons why you want to study with their school
  • Show that you have the required skills to study with them
Do’s To Write in Medical School Statement of Purpose:
  • Be yourself and express your enthusiasm for medical profession.
  • Write medical school statement of purpose is an interesting way.
  • Be honest, and make sure whatever you write is true.
  • Write a simple yet comprehensive document.
  • Stay focused and avoid including irrelevant information.
Don’ts to Write in Medical School Statement of Purpose:
  • Don’t use informal language or slang in your personal statement for medical school.
  • Don’t write a long SoP, it should be 1 page or one and half page long.
  • Don’t copy from any source. You can take help from other sources, but don’t copy.
  • Don’t mention your academic records, they are already there in your CV.
  • Don’t overexaggerate an incident; rather find a unique angle to describe it.

How Should You Write Your Med School Statement of Purpose?

statement of purpose letterWriting your mechanical engineering personal statements is not simple and how you write can be just as important as what you will actually cover with your writing. The committee will review many different statements so you need to be sure that yours is written in a way that is going to make you memorable:

  • Use an opening that is going to get their attention right from the start
  • Maintain clear logical flow throughout your statement, you are telling a story not just hanging a list of facts together
  • Use language that they understand, don’t include acronyms or slang
  • Avoid the use of clichés and never state anything that is obvious
  • Be relevant at all points and write concisely
  • Never plagiarize
  • Proofread very carefully to ensure you have no errors

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