SoP for Dental School: 12 Powerful Tips on Writing

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How Important Is Your Dental School Statement of Purpose?

Your statement of purpose (SoP) for dental school is quite possibly the most crucial part of your application and it needs to be written in such a way that it is going to ensure that you are noticed from among the many other applicants that are applying for the same internship as you. Many applicants fail to realize just how much weight is put on a professionally written engineering personal statement or any other statements.

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The applications committee, who will review your entire application package will be interested to know a lot more about you than just what grades you have achieved, they will want you to explain in your own words why you are a suitable candidate for their program and how they will benefit from having you there. So you have to ensure that your statement of purpose is written in a way that is going to really get you noticed.

12 Essential Dental School Statement of Purpose Writing Tips

The following tips will help you:

  • Ensure You Get Their Attention. If you want to stand out from the other applicants you will need to ensure that you get the applications committee’s attention. You need to start off your SoP with a hook, something to make them start reading, this can be a personal anecdote or an interesting related fact but make sure it’s your own words being used. Remember, they want to read about you in your own words.
  • Target Your SoP to Each Application. Many people make the mistake of using the same SoP for each school they are applying to. This is not a good practice as an applications committee will see that you have not done any research about their particular program, why you want to join it and why you are a suitable candidate for them. Be specific in each and every application you make, show that you have researched thoroughly and that their program and your goals align.
  • Read Their Documentation. Ensure before you start writing your SoP that you read carefully the program you hope to join documentation. Many will have specific instructions on the content and length of the SoP they require and if you fail to comply with this, your application will be thrown out straight away as you are showing a lack of ability to follow instructions.
  • Keep It Brief but Concise. Unless otherwise stated, you should be looking to write roughly two pages about yourself for your dental school statement of purpose. This means that you will need to keep each section of your SoP brief but to the point.
  • State Your Purpose. Be up front in your intentions. Explain what makes this particular course appealing to you and why you are the best candidate for their program.
  • Your Experience. Write about any experience you already have in the dental field. If you have helped out in your local dental surgery or followed any research into particular branches of dentistry. List any skills you hope to obtain from this particular program.
  • Be Specific in Your Intentions. What do you plan to do once you have finished their program? Let them know if you intend to follow on with researching or join a clinic or maybe starting up your own practice somewhere.
  • About Yourself. As well as work and education, you need to let them know about you, what are your interests and habits? What hobbies do you follow and what are you generally like as a person.
  • Keep It Simple. Use only simple and straight forward English, don’t over complicate or use confusing words. Your SoP should flow smoothly like a story to keep the reader interested but be clear, logical and explain your points with clarity.
  • Things to Stay Away From. Do not use superlatives, clichés and quotations. This will almost certainly cause the reader to stop reading your SoP. Don’t lie; always tell the truth when writing about yourself. A lie now to make you seem better will always catch up with you.
  • Seek Advice. Speak to your school professors, show them what you have already written and ask their advice. Remember they have already been through this and are your best source of information.
  • Check for Errors. Having finished writing your SoP is a good start but you need to go through it checking for the smallest of errors. Presentation is everything when applying to a school, silly spelling or grammatical errors will show a lack of attention on your part.

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