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What Makes a Good Statement of Purpose for Civil Engineering?

statement of purpose for civil engineeringThe civil engineering statement of purpose is a critical part of the application package. While you may not be accepted into a program based solely on the civil engineering personal statement, there are often times when it is the deciding factor between two equally well qualified applicants. So what makes a good statement of purpose for civil engineering?

Some of the criteria include:

  • Content – Make sure you address the things that admission’s wants to know. These are 1) Why you want to study civil engineering 2) Qualities and qualifications you have that make you suitable for the program and 3) You future goals in the field and how they relate to the program.
  • Well written – While it isn’t a writing contest, an interesting and well written statement of purpose makes a favorable impression.
  • Relevant – Your statement of purpose should contain only relevant information. If you include information such as extra-curricular activities, show how these activities display attributes you have that will be useful in the program.
  • Specific – Use specifics in your statement of purpose and provide examples. Generic personal statements engineering don’t say anything about you.

Review a Statement of Purpose for Civil Engineering Example

civil engineering statement of purposeReading another person’s paper as graduate school SoP sample from previous years can give you some insight into how to write your own. You shouldn’t copy the example but you can get some ideas as to how to structure your statement of purpose and the type of information you might include. Here are a couple of paragraphs taken from a statement of purpose for civil engineering:

“My aspirations to study civil engineering developed from my work as a part-time laborer on construction sites during the summer. The owner of the firm I worked for, who is also a family friend, observed my incessant questioning about the different phases of the construction. He took the time to discuss career possibilities with me and encouraged my interest. The prospect of a job in civil engineering, which would enable me to shape the world around me for the future and possibly affect people’s lives appealed to me, and for the first time in my life I began to seriously consider planning a career. I understand that I will experience challenges and demands while working towards my career goals but believe that it will be highly rewarding and suited to my skill set.

Aside from my academics, I have had experience as the president and co-founder of my local rowing club. Being part of this team has taught me how to be responsible for a large number of people, how to try and keep everyone satisfied, and most importantly how to lead by example and work as part of a team. Leading the rowing club, as well as taking part in various competitive sports has taught me that any achievement, large or small is always the result of a combined effort by a team. Therefore, I have learned how to best work in a team in a positive, influential manner and this has taught me skills that I will be able to use in the working world. Ultimately I would like to start my own business refurbishing and renovating properties.“

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