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SoP for Electrical Engineering Writing Strategies

sop for electrical engineeringAlthough they may not ask it directly, most schools expect the statement of purpose electrical engineering applicants write to address why they chose electrical engineering, what their goals are in the field of electrical engineering, and what qualities they have that make them suitable for the schools program.

To write a compelling electrical engineering personal statement there are some strategies you can use that will help.
These include:

  • Tell a story – Admissions committees have seen thousands of SoP’s. To avoid having yours get lost and forgotten, tell a story. Using personal anecdotes make you more memorable. It doesn’t have to be exciting or amazing. A personal story holds interest much better than a list of accomplishments that have likely been covered in other application materials.
  • Be specific – General statements don’t tell admissions anything about you. Give specifics and use examples.
  • Put some extra effort into your introduction – You need to get the interest of the reader immediately. Make them want to read further. A boring introduction means your MBA statement of purpose may not even get read through to the end.

Use a Sample SoP for Electrical Engineering as a Writing Guide

A SoP for electrical engineering example can be useful when writing your own statement of purpose. It can give you an idea of how to format your statement and of the type of information you might include. While it can be useful as a writing guide, be sure not to copy the example.

The following are a couple of paragraphs taken from an electrical engineering statement of purpose:

“I am not one of those people who was born with an interest in electrical engineering with a desire to work in the field since they were three years old. My interest began as the result of a failed science fair project that I initially had no interest in. Due to procrastination and lack of testing, my project ended literally in a puff of smoke. I was actually driven to learn more about electrical applications due to the ridicule and teasing that resulted, than a true interest in the field. However, in the process of silencing my critics I gradually developed an interest that was real and driven by a desire to learn more. My interest didn’t strike like a bolt of lightning, but developed gradually, almost unnoticed over a period of time.

The knowledge and the skills I have developed through my study and extracurricular activities will undoubtedly help me to cope with the requirements necessary to complete a degree in electrical engineering. The progression of my knowledge and interest in the field, although not planned at the time, in hindsight could not have been better mapped out. Electrical engineering is clearly where my aptitudes and interests are, and I am fully committed to pursuing a degree and a career in the field. “

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